Monday, September 15, 2008

How fast is your 95?

After a not so fun day at the oral surgeons with an abcessed tooth, the night certainly turned around.

First, the perfect evening, with temps in the mid 50's and NO wind whatsoever. You can smell it in the air, it's football season.

The game got a rough start as we had a turnover on the first play, but as the Eagles paused for but a moment, they then soared the rest of the evening. Brandon had two major plays of the game with first taking a 50 yard pass from Nick Gervias for an easy 6 points. Eagles were up 24-0. As we came close to the half, with 7 seconds remaining on the clock at StFrancis in posession on our 40 yd line, they threw long and Brandon stepped up and intercepted. He ran 95 yards for the touchdown! It was amazing!

Totino-Grace 10 28 7 14 - 59
St Francis 0 0 0 0 - 0

TG-Kinnan 11 run (Kocon kick)TG-FG Kocon 22TG-Lubinski 35 run (Kocon kick)TG-Meath 50 pass from Gervais (Kocon kick)TG-Lubinski 11 pass from Gervais (Kocon kick)TG-Meath 95 interception return (Kocon kick)TG-Hogan 3 run (Kocon kick)TG-Kromah 16 run (Kocon kick)TG-Kealy 5 run (Hogan kick)

NEXT: Becker This game will be on FSN North with Anthony LaPanta (TG Alumni)

Friday's Game at Becker wil be broadcast on Fox Sports North (FSN) immediately following the Twins game (Approx 9:30 pm)
The Twins Live show will be broadcast live from Becker