Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Can

When I was young there was nothing I thought I couldn't do. I can be whatever I want. I can learn anything, do anything , be anything. But then as I got older, I was told that I could not do this or that, or was given limitations and expected to live within certain expectations. So as I grew into adulthood, I believed less and less that I had the ability to bring those dreams to fruition. Then I one day I picked up a book at Barnes & Noble. It seemed like an ordinary day, playing taxi for my kids running them from one activity to another. And somewhere in there I found I had some time to spare. So into the bookstore I went and began to stroll up and down the isles. And there it was, a place where the road I was on met with another and I found what would change my life. The book, as many of you have guessed already, is MaryJane Butters "MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook - For the Farmgirl in All of Us ". Who knew what this would do for my life. I then met fellow farmgirls (though at the time I had a small house in the city), found a wonderful old farm and so began my journey.

I learned so much everyday from these wonderful women. I picked up my needle and thread again, started to crochet, learned to make soap and lotion and so much more. Through classes online( the new way of the farmgirl) I can now make dolls, thanks to mizz frannie. I became a women and mother and wife who now believes that I can. I can do all those things. Learn to make jam? I can.

With so many things externally in the world telling me I can't, I now know that I can. I can do anything. To go back to that feeling when I was a child feeling I can do or be or achieve anything is a true revelation. It is a belief I willl instill in my children and all those around me. I will not stomp on their dreams or tell them they can't. I will say "Yes you can" and show them that "yes they can" by doing things myself.

Contest & Giveaway

So I am going to do another Giveaway but this time I was thinking it should have some sort of challenge to it. So here goes everyone. This is the official "Make someone smile" contest. I will tell you the prize first so to have you smiling before I list the rules.

The prize for this will be: A spa kit. Yup- you get Soap, a soap dish, bath salts and a bath spray! Now that I have you smiling shall I give you the rules?????

OK- these are simple and easy and actually there is only one rule. To enter the contest you must do something to make someone smile and then post it in the comment line.

Thats it- its that easy. Sharing a smile or a laugh is a wonderful thing. Listening to my 5 year old giggle, that sound that comes from his toes to the top of his head- that makes me smile. And with that smile comes a blissful feeling that takes over your soul. So I want everyone to share with me this week.

Drawing will be on Friday, July 27!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Soap Parties

Have you ever been to a Tupperware Party or a Home Interiors Party? Well, how about a Soap Party? I would love to come for a visit, if you are in the area, and bring some soap and other products for you and your friends to try. Unlike the other parties, there is no minimum to buy to receive a gift. If you host the party, you get the hostess gift which includes soap, lotion, bath salts and other assorted goodies. And everyone who attends will not only get a special gift just for attending, but I will also offer a special price of half off on every third item they buy. I'll even bring the coffee, tea and some sweet treats for everyine to enjoy!

Live outside my area? Well how about having a soap party by mail? I will send you a brochure and some sample scents. You can either have a party of your own or- bring it to work and let people order there. It's that simple.

Please email me for the details!

I look forward to meeting with you!

Festival News

Well what a great day at the Ma's Farm Festival. Though the rain and lightning came to dampen the day, it was a marvelous event. First I had the joy of starting the day with some coffee shared with a wonderful farmgirl friend, Babs of Mugwort Maggies Apothecary. She brought her wonderful mother in law as well and we enjoyed a hot cup of Java before heading over to the Festival.

After arriving and spending some time setting up tents and our wares, we settled in for some good farmgirl chatting. Quickly we had customers stopping and talking about our products. I met many local people as well as those who had traveled from afar for such a worthy cause. I met Sue's family, who were so wonderful and very grateful for our participation in the event.

Though the weather turned rainy and at one point downright dangerous with thunder and lightning all around us, it did pass and the event continued on.

I wanted to tell everyone I met that it was such fun meeting and talking to everyone there. I thank you very much for your patronage and look forward to your continued support.