Monday, July 30, 2007


I am having a blog only coffee special. I have an excess of coffee on hand right now so I am goin to do a BOGO special. It's my special Farmhouse Blend and it scrupmtous. Rich yet not overpowering the perfect get up and go way to start your day! Just $6.95 a bag and with the BOGO you get two for the price of one. BUT wait there's more..... (always wanted to say that!) because there ia still free shipping through this week! So get your orders in now. Just put BOGO in the comment line.


Sue said...

How long has it been since it was made? Only reason I ask, is I bought some coffee online and it was taste-less, old and flat. One reason why I ask for samples but I guess you never got that post awhile back? Anyhoo, I maybe interested, what kind of payment to do you require? Thanks, Sue (MJF girl)

BlissnBlossomFarm said...

Good questions Sue- I ground It on Sunday. But I did too much for the Market so i am going to do the special quickly- to keep it fresh! Sorry about the missed post, I will check back and look for it. Payment is preferebly with pay pal but if you want to send it in- let me know. You can always go to my website and call the customer service line too or email me at