Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ebay Deals

I have listed several items on Ebay - check it out!

B & B Farm on Ebay


Amy Ellen said...

Hello I hope this finds you well. I love the big grin on that pic of your son. Also you have been tagged if you care to play along. please check out my blog for the rules if your interested. Thanks Amy

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Hey...another farmgirl!
I am tagging you dear *U* If you would like to play, please go to my blog and see the rules.

B & B Farm said...

Well I had better get to it- never been tagged before and now twice in one day. I feel special indeed!

Amy Ellen- your hubby's band is wonderful!

Dalyn- I have always wanted to raise Nubians. They have such a wonderful personality.