Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Contest & Giveaway

So I am going to do another Giveaway but this time I was thinking it should have some sort of challenge to it. So here goes everyone. This is the official "Make someone smile" contest. I will tell you the prize first so to have you smiling before I list the rules.

The prize for this will be: A spa kit. Yup- you get Soap, a soap dish, bath salts and a bath spray! Now that I have you smiling shall I give you the rules?????

OK- these are simple and easy and actually there is only one rule. To enter the contest you must do something to make someone smile and then post it in the comment line.

Thats it- its that easy. Sharing a smile or a laugh is a wonderful thing. Listening to my 5 year old giggle, that sound that comes from his toes to the top of his head- that makes me smile. And with that smile comes a blissful feeling that takes over your soul. So I want everyone to share with me this week.

Drawing will be on Friday, July 27!


Anonymous said...

I made my daughter smile when she found out we were having one of her favorite dishes for supper. Chicken!
It's fun to watch for a smile when you know you are going to do or say something to make someone else smile. And it always makes me smile when I see theirs coming.

Alee said...

I made my daughter smile and give her first real laughs (not giggling or just making sounds) by kissing her stomach! Each time I kiss above her belly button she smiles and gives me a big belly laugh! She is 4 months old! Can you believe it? I can't!

Oregongal said...

I made a stranger smile when stopped on the street
and asked for direction to a local Holiday Inn - they
were obviously from out of town, and searching for
where they needed to go.

Amy Ellen said...

I have a friend who has lynphoma and now she has to have back surgery. I drove with her to her pre op appointment and they were asking her all sorts of questions. How do you feel about having surgery, what is your pain like, do you watch you salt? Well I piped up and said yes I watch my salt, as I pour it all over my food!! LOL That got a good giggle from my friend and even from the nurse asking the questions. A PS for those concerned about my salt intake, I really don't use much and always taste before I salt!!! That said have an awesome day!!

Deepsouth mamma-MJF said...

I made my grandaughter smile when I made a card for her about she & I "surfing in New Zealand".
My son and family have been planning on moving there for church work and she just couldn't understand that Granny wasn't going. While talking on the phone one day I told her it was very expensive for me to fly over there. Her solution-"Well, Granny, why don't you and I just swim together?" :(
Letting her go is hard enough but doing it with a smile was killing me.
My solution- I found a picture of a woman surfing and copied and "rigged"it so it had my face on the it and right beside me was my little Lexi on the surfboard. She and I both smiled at it!
Deepsouth Mamma-MJF

Erin (Bluewrenn) said...

I made both my hubby and the new puppy smile by teaching the puppy a silly new trick. (It's her very first trick!) It's her shell game trick.

You hold her little squeeky toy in your fists so it is hidden and then ask her to pick the hand it's in. She'll motion with her nose which hand she wants. (Since the toy bone is too big for one hand, it's actually in both held together, so the puppy is never wrong! Which makes the puppy smile!)

sherone said...

I made my co-worker smile when I cover her shift for her, so that she could attend her daughter's doctors appointment.

gateway girl said...

I made my elderly neighbor smile today. Her mini dachshund got out and ran away yesterday. She looked and looked but couldn't find him. I went out into the subdivision close to us and found him wandering the streets. My neighbor was estatic. Her baby was back home safe and sound.

Sue said...

Bringing a new coloring book to my grand daughter always makes her smile! :)

LADY AT ODDS said...

I made my co-worker smile when we giggled over her procrastinating about getting some important work done.

We have a great time at my office and it is great fun going to work.

jcbtxstars said...

Husband and I both had empty day a few days away...I gave him cash from my stash...he smiled really big. Does that mean I bought the smile?

GardenGoose said...

show a 3 year old her cake and cookies and presents on her birthday..and you'll get a smile a mile wide every time! ...ha.

Julie Potting said...

Everyone looks foward to going into the Cascade and enjoying my rhubarb cake and cooking and serving drinks to them.